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The Spanish Art of Doll Making: A Doll's Origin Makes the Difference

The Spanish Art of Doll Making: A Doll's Origin Makes the Difference

The Spanish Art of Doll Making: A Doll's Origin Makes the Difference



A doll's origin makes the difference. For more than a century, Spain has led the toy industry in Europe. In particular, the doll is the most recognizable toy of Spanish manufacture, thanks to its quality compared to productions from other countries.

A little town in Alicante province, called Onil, has been the cradle of the doll-making industry in Spain since the 19th century. The town situated in the Toy Valley, the birthplace of the toy industry, has a gold-standard reputation in the art of doll making. That's where our gorgeous dolls by the Nines d'Onil brand were born.

Nine d  Onil logo
Nines d'Onil manufacture dolls since 1985. The dolls are sealed with an ONIL ORIGIN certificate - which reflects the tradition, authenticity, quality, and exclusivity of the dolls made in Onil.


onil origin certificate

The assembly process is carried out by the human team and is completely artisan. The company employs a group of professionals who are united by the challenge of combining craftsmanship and tradition with innovation. Their designers make the selection of fabrics following the latest trends in children's fashion, always looking for the highest quality materials, taking care of every detail, and giving a special touch to the designs.

Doll fabrics and dressing

Knowing how to transmit and capture emotions and expressions is essential for the subsequent success of a doll. For this reason, Nines d'Onil has people with great professionalism and experience who are in charge of carrying out this work.


doll manufacture


Suzette doll

Behind a Nines d'Onil doll, there is a beautiful production process carried out by expert hands. Watch the video below for a sneak peek behind the scenes.

The company motto is: 'If the most important learning is achieved by playing during childhood, our job is to be part of it'. We at Cotton Planet instantly fell in love with the gorgeous Nines d'Onil creations. We very much agree with the brand values, and we are so in love with the uniqueness of the designs and the high standard of the dolls!

We are happy and proud to bring the dolls to Ireland so that Irish boys and girls can get to know the Spanish dolls and have them as a part of their happy, joyful childhoods.


A girl with dolls

cotton candy dolls


Shop our beautiful Spanish dolls from Nines d'Onil here.


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